Inventor Dad is a webcomic written by Brett Reistroffer and illustrated by E.P. that follows the goofy day-to-day antics of an inventor hobbyist and his family. The stories are in part semi-autobiographical for Brett as he relives childhood memories growing up with a gadget-tinkering father, but mostly it’s just an excuse to make a silly comic.

About the Writer

Brett Reistroffer is a Pacific Northwest American writer, editor, and podcast producer working in comics, fiction, and music. He is the owner and editor-in-chief of the small-press horror and sci-fi publisher Bad Dream Entertainment and hosts the bi-weekly heavy metal podcast Another Metal Podcast.

About the Artist

E.P is a Spanish artist working on webcomics and other projects. She loves storytelling and cartoons.


Inventor Dad is on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to send a message you can get in tough at inventordadcomic [at] gmail [dot] com.