Dec 17, 2017At Last!
Jan 06, 2018Caught Inventing
Jan 27, 2018Discipline
Feb 03, 2018Hazardous Material
Feb 24, 2018Enter Rick Renter
Jul 14, 2018If It Ain't Broke
Aug 04, 2018Refurbished


Dec 17, 2017Prototype
Dec 24, 2017Field Test
Dec 30, 2017Results

The Cat Saga

Patently Genius

There Can Be Only One...Inventor

May 26, 2018Gadget Showdown
Jun 02, 2018Twin Tools
Jun 16, 2018Inventor Dad Jokes

Meeting the Neighbors

Aug 12, 2018Welcome Neighbor!
Sep 01, 2018It Never Turns Off